Content distribution channels and the fear of monetisation.

With the emergence of new networks/apps, many online publishers face the same issue. How do we use these to our advantage?


For many years we’ve witnessed the exact same formula, create content on your website then just post a link to your Facebook and Twitter account. You’ve got lots of followers so they should start clicking the links right? So why are the conversion rates still so low. It’s not that we should look to just improve the conversion, we need to change the way we think about the network in question.

People flock to facebook/Twitter/Instagram/vine etc because it offers a way of consuming content that hasn’t been well executed elsewhere. They’re not link dumping discovery engines. To master these channels we need to lose our fear of monetisation.

Until Google introduced Adsense and made it easier for every content publisher to make money online. Many publishers weren’t sure about making their content available . As the ad money rolled in, publishers got better at creating content in a way that was tailored to online audiences. Which is exactly why we don’t have Just images of magazine spreads or weekly downloadable pdf’s.

So the answer is right there, publishers have done it before and they can do it again. Tailor your offer to the audience you’re addressing. Conquer the audience and the money will follow.

Don’t be afraid to distribute your content without a clear monetisation plan. If you don’t, then you risk losing the audience to a competitor who understands them better. Once the channel is easy to monetise… won’t have an audience to monetise.


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