Is Auto-Tweeting Bad?

Over the few weeks I have taken to reading (yes, honestly I have, and it appears there is a decent amount of worthwhile reading material out there on the web) a few blog entries from SEOmoz, partly because I started to follow SEOmoz on twitter and have been enticed by twitter teasers.

One of the points of thought on a recent blog entry about the unexpected effects of a tweet on search engine rankings suggested that auto-tweeting using tools like auto-tweet plugins for Wordpress or online services such as Twitterfeed were not as effective as promoting the content.

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Wordpress, Nginx, PHP Fast CGI and an unprivileged user account

Over the last month or so I have been busy migrating my sites from my old shared hosting to a new server in the Rackspace Cloud and it has not been without it troubles. The first site I transferred was my Wordpress blog and after following various resources on setting up Nginx and spawning PHP FastCGI processes I managed to get everything up and running happily... or so I thought.

As it turns out I had followed the guide for spawing PHP FastCGI processes to the letter, and that is where the problem lay.  After a few weeks Wordpress reported there were various plugins that needed upgrading but I could not do the automatic upgrade and I had trouble uploading new files due to the wrong permission being applied.  After some investigation this lead me to realise that I needed to spawn my PHP FastCGI processes as the unprivileged user the files belonged to, and not nginx as in the original documentation.

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Server Backup using Dropbox (A 5 Minute Setup)

I am one of those people who, despite knowing the risks, fail to make appropriate backups of my work and important data and rely on hope that nothing will go wrong.  Unfortunately I have been caught out on a couple of occasions and I have been after a nice way to backup my data (documents, websites under development, family photos etc) from my home Fedora Core server without me having to really do anything.


I have seen several online backup software solutions, however most have to be configured and managed via GUI applications installed on your computer however as I have been wanting to back up a Fedora Core server which is command line only, this options was not available to me.  A few people suggested Dropbox to me for sharing files between home and work computers and when looking into Dropbox I found that it can also be set up with a service on my Fedora Core server and configured to backup the data on my server.

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Backticks, Apostrophes and Quotation Marks

I was trying to assist someone with the difference between backtics, apostrophes and quotation marks. The three are used in different circumstances and the the basic rules I use with ', ` and " are:-

I only use ` in MySQL and only where the field or table name is a reserved word i.e. you have a field called date so the query ends up like

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ORM Designer - A visual editor for PHP Doctrine, Doctrine2, Propel and CakePHP

A week or so I got an unexpected email from Ludek Vodicka asking me to have a look at ORM Designer for creating and maintaining my database schemas for the Symfony projects I have been working on.  Up until now I have been using MySQL Workbench to create my ER-diagrams and maintain my database structure but I've come up against a few obstacles when trying to use it with projects using doctrine so I thought why now.

I fully expected ORM Designer to be a MySQL Workbench clone (and it's obviously been a question that has been raised before - ORM Designer and MySQL Workbench comparison) but I must admit I was pleasantly surprised to find out is was not.  To try and break myself into it easily I opted to start working on the database schema for the re-build of Manage My Alerts which I have intended to re-build using Symfony for quite a while.

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VPN Issues with O2 Wireless Box II

For the last few months I have been connecting to the VPN at work via my O2 Wireless Box II quite happily until it suddently stopped working about 2 weeks ago which has caused me no end of headaches (tight deadlines looming etc). Each time I tried to connect I got presented with a "Error 619 - Disconnected"

I have had my laptop checked out by the IT guy and everything connected fine when it was in at the office and even my iPhone could connect to the VPN when using 3G but this Error 619 kept appearing each time I tried to connect to the work VPN via my O2 Wireless Box II using either the laptop or iPhone.

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Sony VGN-FE21B Memory Stick fix for Windows XP

My Sony VGN-FE21B laptop has been having problems with performance over the last few months, applications were taking a long time to load and the hard drive was getting cluttered with obsolete files, so at the weekend I decided to re-install Windows XP Pro onto my Sony VGN-FE21B laptop.

The original operating system was Windows XP Home but since the laptop has been bought primarily for work purposes, I had also bought a copy of Windows XP Pro but each time I install Windows XP Pro on my Sony VGN-FE21B laptop it always has a missing icon for the memory stick in My Computer. I imagine this is because the hardware is specific to Sony and not a generic Windows XP driver.

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