Starting as a digital designer in 1998, the dot com boom, I have progressed from Designer and Developer to Regional Creative Director, Board Member and general Creative Gun for Hire.

In 2015 the opportunity arose to start Jacob & Rufus Ltd. to bring my experience and enthusiasm to clients that I believe in, while finding ways to make money from the things I love doing.

The Iron Triangle - How does motivation emphasis create an agency environment?

I remember when I first heard about the Iron Triangle. It sounded sinister, Evil Empire like, and not really something I could embrace in my fluffy idealistic agency brain. Just to be clear in this article I am talking about the Project Management version, not the US political system version… which is sinister and is just like the Evil Empire.


Back then I was speaking to my then boss, a man who I credit with opening my eyes to a great deal to how an agency works and, more importantly, how it should work. He was explaining in typically simple eloquence, how he wanted us to set expectation with clients. 

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